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Betty Ford Outpatient Cap

Betty Ford Clinic Outpatient Cap - 



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  • 100% Cotton Baseball Cap
  • One size fits all
  • Adjustable fit with a strap in back
  • Grey with gold lettering
  • Embroidered front and back
    Only $12

Betty Ford Clinic Outpatient Cap - Back



Addicts: What they're saying... Cap Addicts: What they're saying...
Man I tell ya, I just love @#$%ing my &#%-@#$# to some hard porn while I have my Betty Ford hat on backwards.
                   -Rusty, Alexandria, VA

I'm so glad that I went back to booze and crack just so I could go back to the Betty Ford Clinic and wear this cool ass cap.
                   -Joe, Sterling, VA

In the divorce papers, I demanded the Betty Ford Cap. He got the house and the kids. You tell me who made out? What a deal!
                   -Erin, Temple City, CA

My girlfriend VACHYNA loves it.
-Lenny, Clearwater, FL
(as seen on national television)

If Frank Sinatra was alive, he'd love it!
                   -Ed, Halifax, Nova Scotia

I saw a guy in a Betty Ford Clinic hat get humped by a dog!!! What a turn-on that hat is! I pushed that dog out of the way and got on the guy myself!
                   -Christina, Tampa, FL

This is the best hat I've ever owned.
                   -Audrey, Tampa, FL

Cool cap. Lemme hold. All I'm missing is the rolling papers.
                   -Terry, Miami, FL

I got mine as a gift. Now all my friends want one!
                   -Tracy, Springfield, VA

Since I bought this cap, I keep getting laid.
-Dern, Land O' Lakes, FL
("The Godfather's Lost Brother" as seen on national television)


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